China's own ship desulfurization equipment has successfully entered the overseas market

Recently, Weihai Puyi Ship Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. signed several orders for desulfurization systems for newly built container ships with Thai shipowners, marking the successful entry of China's own ship desulfurization equipment into overseas markets.            As a leading global owner and operator of modern portable and super-portable dry bulk carriers, the Thai shipowner's senior managers and technical managers made two field visits to Puyi environmental protection. The reliability and superiority of Puyi environmental protection waste gas desulfurization device were verified by the continuous operation of Puyi land-based "real ship engine room" equipment. Shipowners fully affirmed the treatment effect, system operation stability and equipment capacity of Puyi ship desulfurization equipment, and finally chose Puyi environmental protection desulfurization equipment.            At the Poseidon Maritime Exhibition in early June, IMO Secretary-General Linkedze said that the implementation date of the sulfur restriction order would not be delayed, but would still be January 1, 2020. This means that ships worldwide will no longer be able to use fuels containing more than 0.5% sulphur unless they install marine desulfurization systems. As the international crude oil price continues to rise, the price difference between heavy oil and low sulfur oil is getting bigger and bigger. It is understood that the cost of high sulfur marine heavy oil currently used by shipping companies is US$420 per ton, while the cost of low sulfur marine oil is as high as US$630 per ton. With the approaching of "shipping sulphur limitation", many shipowners regard the tail gas treatment equipment as the best economic way to fulfill the contract.            Puyi Environmental Protection and Dalian Maritime University cooperated in the research and development of ship exhaust gas treatment system. After ten years of development and certification, land-based test, real ship operation, optimization and improvement, it adopted open, closed and mixed installation modes, and possessed a variety of solutions for ship exhaust gas treatment, such as magnesium, sodium and seawater methods. Finally, it provided the most economical and reliable waste gas treatment equipment for shipowners. The company has also built a roadbed "real ship engine room". Shipowners can inspect the operation process of ship exhaust gas treatment equipment on the spot and witness the treatment effect of ship high sulfur fuel engine after using Puyi ship desulfurization equipment.            At present, Puyi Environmental Protection has joined with many shipyards nationwide to provide desulfurization equipment and operation ship installation and transformation services for shipowners'new shipbuilding, forming an overall solution. The company has accumulated rich experience in design and installation of containers, bulk cargo and various types of ships, and is willing to work with shipowners to provide economic and reasonable solutions to the 2020 "sulfur restriction order".

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